According to surveys of North Trinity congregation, HutsvilleAds is where most people send their for sale ads WHEN THEY WANT SOMETHING GONE IN A HURRY. Submit your ad (up to six lines) and a $2.45 check payable to Hutsville Ads, Inc, 1207 Maple Grove Avenue, PO Box 1207, Hutsville, SD, 80085. We will run your ad for up to six months.

50% of your ad fee will go towards the Downtown Restoration Committee. We also encourage you to make a TAX DEDUCTIBLE DONATION for the Downtown Restoration Committee. We restored the old Rasmussen house in 2009 thanks to your donations.

We are strongly committed to visitor privacy and do not collect any identifying information. We recommend that minors visit our website under adult supervision of a parent, teacher, or guardian.

No editorial control is exercised over the content of the ads submitted, however, we maintain a no-post list of advertisers whose checks have bounced.