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Pilot pro cnc router plans and projects

The Pilot Pro CNC router provides an inexpensive solution that allows several machines to be put to use for less than the cost of a single machine offered by other manufacturers. The Pilot Pro CNC with dual drive can be used with a plasma torch or laser for cutting and shaping. Or use it for additive rapid 3D prototyping, probing, scanning, gluing, painting, and dispensing. The applications and results are limitless!
The Pilot Pro CNC Router plans PLUS the ArachnoBot CAD files and other projects.
An information packed CD with plans and instructions for building 5 different Pilot CNC machines, also the ArachnoBot CAD / CAM project files are included. Learn about jigs, fixtures, templates, and tooling. You can apply these techniques to all your projects.
Save over a $1000 by building any Pilot CNC router yourself. You will receive detailed assembly documentation packed with photographs, including the parts lists, costs, and suppliers.
The Combo-Special CD contains: 5 different Pilot CNC designs including the new dual drive versions, ArachnoBot CAD / CAM Projects (quad and hex versions), Surface Grinder project, A axis Project, Rack and Pinion Project, Drill motor to RC Servo motor control circuit, LED signs, and much more!
Engineer, design, and build most anything using the Pilot CNC router. From the plans and instructions on the Combo-Special CD you can build a Pilot CNC and more.
Order now and start building your future using robotics manufacturing today!
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Also available are affordable complete machines and kits! Great for Schools, businesses, and R&D labs.
"Pilot Pro, Wow! Received my combo cd and took a look at it, and was very surprised.. The cd is everything i was looking for. I know nothing about Cnc's but your Cd explains so much more on how things work than i could have asked for.. Thanks a bunch.."
"You WAY UNDERSTATED how cool this CD is. The high quality of the descriptions, the bill of materials, the DXF files and the photographs [especially] is without a doubt one of the best I have seen.
The design is very good too, in that it is simple [relatively] and straight forward. It appears inexpensive to build as well, without being cheap, which is a big downfall of many of the plans [I have more than one.].
Being a designer of furniture, clothing and automobile interiors there are subtle clues to quality, one of which is presentation of the idea. The manner and completeness of the presentation of the ideas on this CD are just a small clue to the quality of the thought behind the product."
"Hey Phil, Sorry I did not email you sooner. Thanks for the kind words on I had a great time building from your plans. You need to charge more for the CD. This thing has so much information and the pictures where a huge help. Anyone could modify your plans to make this just about any size they wanted. My welding experience was little to none but I had no problem welding the ends up using your jig that I built. It would also be very easy to bolt the ends together if someone did not have access to a welder. I would recommend that anyone even thinking of building a CNC router purchase your CD, it is packed with information.Thank you," Dennis
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Pilot pro cnc router plans and projects Pilot pro cnc router plans and projects Pilot pro cnc router plans and projects