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New westinghouse fan-321 fused buss plug 30A 240V

Westinghouse FAN-321 fused buss plug NEW 30A 240V
These are new, in a factory box. some of the boxes are not in great shape but the product is in good condition. We have all kinds of buss plug switches so give us a call if your looking for a different plug.
Rocky Mountain Electrical and Automation
2190 South Kalamath St. Denver, CO 80223
Find a great deal today!Many different items in other sizes, amperages, and voltages available!
Many of our items are taken from factories and industrial sites that are going out of business or have been retrofitted.
We guarantee whatever we sell to be in working condition.
If you have a problem with an item you've purchased or feel it was misrepresented, please contact us.