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7.5 hp, 1-phase rotary screw air compressor

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This unit has a built-in thermostatic oil valve. This controls the heat in the oil. It is very important that the oil is not cooled down too much because of condensation build up. This thermostat will control the air temperature between 150-180o helping to prevent water condensation in the synthetic oil. What makes this machine 100% duty cycle is that the oil that is injected into the screw for lubrication is also helping to cool it down because the oil is getting into every nook and cranny and pulling the heat off of the screw rotors and then the oil is cooled through an oil cooler. This oil after oil separation is then returned back to the oil sump and repeats this process thousands and thousands of times in a 24-hour period. With a screw machine, it is made for 24 hours/day, 7 days/week operation.
This unit will save you hundreds on your electric bill because under start up the modulator valve is completely closed. This closes the air off to the screw intake making low load under start up. After the unit gets started, it has a 12-second time delay. This allows the unit to get running for 12 seconds before it starts pumping air. This makes no load starting and will save your magnetic starter contactor and motor because of low amp draw. This PLC has a built-in clock with the date and time. This makes it nice when you maintenance your machine. You can keep track of the PM (preventative maintenance) of the time and day that you serviced it. This PLC also has a built-in light for dark locations. This PLC has a maintenance parameter. This machine has a built-in hour meter keeping track of the running hours on this machine. This PLC controls and keeps track of the maintenance time for each maintenance service that is needed on this unit such as it will keep track of when to change the air filter on the maintenance menu. It will keep track of when the oil filter needs changed and also keep track of when the coalescing filter needs changed. When the unit needs greased, it will track of that also. When each item needs changed when the service hours come up, the PLC will sound an alarm and on the digital screen it will tell you what needs changed. After changing it, you will go back into the PLC and put the time of the particular item that you changed back to zero. This will start a new maintenance time and keep track of when your filter needs changed the next time.
This unit features: all cast iron oil-flooded rotary screw pump good for up to 70,000 running hours, hardened steel rotors and roller bearings for long compressor life, high quality shaft seal to seal the front shaft from oil leakage, high quality, long-life modulation valve, built-in aluminum after cooler and oil cooler combined with a TEFC cooling fan motor, 4 pre-mounted rubber mounts under the screw pump to absorb any vibration, all brass ¾” ball valve, high quality pressure lube spin-on oil filter (easy to change), 4,000 hour synthetic oil (no start-up kit required), TEFC (totally enclosed external fan cooled- NOT open drip proof – this motor is made for dusty conditions-it is totally enclosed so dirt particals will not get into the inner windings of the motor making it easy to maintenance your motor-this motor is 1.15 service factor, the best in the business), all stainless steel braided air and oil lines-NOT hydraulic rubber-stainless steel is better, no maintenance), heavy-duty all metal frame, heavy-duty all easy-to-remove access doors with a push of your finger-easy latch, each door has sound proof material for ultra quiet operation, 25,000 hour life on V-belts, very heavy-duty oil and air tank with ASME code safety valve, all UL/CSA compliant on electrical components, push-button emergency stop, and Eaton PLC controlled micro processor.

7.5 hp, 1-phase rotary screw air compressor 7.5 hp, 1-phase rotary screw air compressor 7.5 hp, 1-phase rotary screw air compressor