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Magnetek GPD506 B065 / yaskawa cimr-P5M4030 50HP 460V

Yaskawa / Magnetek GPD506V-B065 50HP 460V AC Drive
This model is obsolete and has been replace the new E7 series for ventilation and pumping variable torque aplication.
In case of Constant torque application, please specify application before ordering
Yaskawa CIMR-E7U40301, 50HP, 460V
§§§The E7 Drive is a variable torque AC drive, designed specifically for HVAC applications in building automation. A new benchmark for size, cost, performance, benefits, and quality, the drive includes numerous built-in features such as Network Communications, H/O/A, PI, and energy-savings functions.
The E7 has embedded communications for the popular building automation protocols, Johnson Controls Metasys® N2 and Siemens APOGEE™FLN, as well as Modbus. Optional LonWorks®, EtherNet/IP and Modbus TCP/IP interface cards are available.
The LCD keypad/operator is equipped with Hand/Off/Auto functions, copy feature, 7 language choices, and 5 lines of display, 16 characters per line. Optional software allows upload/download, as well as graphing and monitoring of drive parameters from a PC for ease of drive management. User parameter settings can be recovered at any time via “user re-initialization”.
A Sleep function provides significant energy savings by minimizing operating hours. Under-torque detection alerts the operator to conditions such as loss of load or broken belts.
Energy savings control is an automatic output voltage adjustment in response to actual motor load. Real-time energy savings is based on motor algorithms. Motor efficiency is increased by several percent. Built-in kw-hr and kw display eliminates the need for external signal conditioner for energy monitoring.
If a phase-shifting input transformer is used, the E7 dual-diode bridge can be operated in 12-pulse rectification mode, reducing input current harmonic distortion factor by over 90%. With lower EMI/RFI emission and lower total harmonic distortion contribution, the E7 meets or exceeds the generally accepted power quality standards. Inherent motor protection features resulting from low noise/low carrier technology provides for longer lead lengths without additional motor protection devices.
The standard enclosure is NEMA 1. NEMA 3R and 12 are optional.
* Overload capacity: 110% for 60 sec (150% peak)
* Starting torque: 100% at 3 Hz
* DC injection braking: at start or stop, adjustable, current limited (anti-windmilling)
* Adjustable accel/decel: 0.1 to 6000 sec.
* Controlled speed range: 40:1
* Critical frequency rejection: 3 selectable, adjustable bands
* Torque boost: full range, auto
* Power loss ride-thru: 2 sec
* Auto restart after power loss or resettable fault, selectable, programmable
* Serial communications loss detection
* "Up/Down" floating point control capability
* Stationary motor auto-tuning
* Customizable monitor display
* Ramp-to-stop or coast-to-stop selection
* Runtime changes in control and display
* Project-specific parameter reinitialization
* Current limited stall prevention
* Heat sink over-temperature, speed fold-back
* Cooling fan operating hours recorded
* Bi-directional start into rotating motor at synchronized speed
* Current limiting DC bus fuse
* Optically-Isolated controls
* Short circuit protection: Phase-phase and phase-neutral
* Short circuit withstand rating: 100K RMS
* Electronic motor overload: UL
* Fault display: last 10 faults
* Over torque and under torque protection
* "Hunting" prevention logic
* Reverse prohibit selectability
* Circuit breaker disconnect (MCP), withinterlocked, through-the-door operatingmechanism
* Remote digital operator kit
* Oversized control transformer
* Input and/or output reactor
* Twelve-pulse rectification with input transformer:30 -150 HP, 208 VAC; 30-150 HP, 240 VAC; 40-500 HP, 480 VAC
* Communication Interface: LonWorks,EtherNet/IP
* Pressure transducer, 3-15 PSI
* Multiple motor operation logic
* Motor protection dv/dt filter
* DriveWizardâ„¢upload/download andmonitoring/graphing software
* Analog outputs: programmable, two, 4-20 mA
* 32-bit microprocessor logic
* Flash upgradeable firmware
* Nonvolatile memory, program retention
* Displacement power factor: 0.98
* Output frequency: 0.1 to 120 Hz
* Frequency resolution: 0.06 Hz
* Frequency regulation: 0.1%
* Control Terminal Board: Quick disconnect, removable
* Carrier frequency: selectable to 15 kHz
* 3% DC bus reactor: 30-150 HP, 208 VAC; 30-150 HP, 240 VAC; 40-500 HP, 480 VAC; optional on lower ratings
* Keypad Operator: Hand/Off/Auto, built-in copy feature, 7 languages
* LCD display: 5 lines, 16 characters each
* Transmitter/Option power supply
* Output contacts: One form C and two programmable form A
* Input/output terminal status
* Input terminals: 5 programmable multi-function input terminals
* Diagnostic fault indication in selected language
* Timer function: Elapsed time, Delay on start, Delay on stop
* RS-422/485 port: Embedded Metasys N2, APOGEE FLN, and Modbus
* Volts/hertz ratio: Preset and programmable V/Hz patterns
* Multi-speed settings: 5 available
* Remote speed command: 0-10 VDC or 4-20 mA, direct or reverse-acting
* Speed command: bias and gain
* Analog outputs: Programmable, two, 0-10 VDC
* Meter Functions: Volt, amp, kilowatt, elapsed run time, speed command
* Output Current Transformers, qty 3
* NEMA 1 or protected chassis
* UL, cUL listed and CE marked; IEC 146;
* Emergency Override Feature
* Bumpless transfer, between Hand & Auto
* Cooling tower fan, de-ice feature
* Ambient Temperature: -10°C to 40°C NEMA 1, 45°C protected chassis (14°F to 104°F, 113°F)
* Humidity: 95% RH, non-condensing
* Input frequency: 50/60 Hz ± 5%
* 3-phase, 3-wire, phase sequence insensitive

Magnetek GPD506 B065 / yaskawa cimr-P5M4030 50HP 460V Magnetek GPD506 B065 / yaskawa cimr-P5M4030 50HP 460V Magnetek GPD506 B065 / yaskawa cimr-P5M4030 50HP 460V